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NVIDIA Full Screen Video

Hello, A few years ago, NVIDIA disabled the "full screen video mirror" function that allowed you to watch full screen on your second display. I currently have an old 7950GT and have not upgraded the software because of this. My primary monitor is my 24" Dell desktop and secondary is my 52" Sharp LCD and I use my system to view movies on the tv. Do the current NVIDIA cards allow this. A few years ago, a lot of folks were switching to ATI because of this issue.. thanks
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  1. Hi again,
    This is the issue I am concerned about:

    I am somewhat out of the loop with the latest graphics processors so I don't know if its still an issue. I had the impression it was a DRM issue.

    I really just want to know if I stick with NVIDIA and upgrade to say, a GTS 450 or a GTX 460 will I be able to output HDMI to my TV as my secondary display and watch movies and video full screen? any help would be appreciated
  2. Does anyone have any knowledge of this, really could use some advice.
  3. please help!!
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    Sorry, you'll need to go with an ATI/AMD based video card. I *love* Nvidia based cards for gaming (I've upgraded through many and currently use a GTX460), but I've always used ATI-based cards for PVR's since "Theater Mode" mirroring is still available.

    I'm currently looking for a replacement for the ATI HD3650 in my PVR as it's starting to crap out. Recently picked-up a GT430-based card for $40 thinking I could take advantage of CUDA as well as hoping it would do full-screen mirroring/overlay (I've also known that Nvidia stopped supporting full-screen mirroring a few years ago, but I hoped maybe that changed). But, alas, it doesn't and probably never will.

    So, it's back to ATI...just wish the drivers were more stable (ATI/AMD does a horrible job at writing drivers). Will probably get a 5570 as it seems highly recommended for HTPC use. I have an older Nvidia 7900GS that I might try with older drivers...but the idle power consumption is just too high for HTPC use.

    - nn6o
  5. Thanks for the reply! That's exactly what I needed to know. I have only owned NVIDIA cards but I guess thats changing now. Just ordered a Sapphire 5770. I know its probably way overkill but got a good deal on it. Its a shame that NVIDIA did not see this as being important enough to fix.

    doing research on the safest way to switch cards. so far it looks like I need to do the following:
    1) disable video drivers in device manager
    2) uninstall NVIDIA drivers and PureVideo
    3) run 3D Guru driver sweeper
    4) have latest ATI drivers ready on flash media
    5) shut down, swap cards and reboot
    6)pray it works!

    let me know if i missed anything!
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