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This was my first build and I was following the instructions on installing the stock Heatsink/Fan for my X4 955 BE.

On the picture instructions, they have the heatsink going in a certain way so the clips go down around to clip to the motherboard (Asus M4A87TD EVO AMD870). My luck would have it that it didn't clip. Although I swear the latch heights looks to be the same, just not going. I looked it up online/you tube and figured out that it should be 180 degrees the other way.

I took it back off and spun it. This "seemed" to work better because it did clip on.

My question is this, putting it on and then taking it off to spin it, should I have cleaned off the stock thermal paste off and then reapplied new? I have read that one ususally removes the old paste and applies new. I didn't know if this applied to ones still in the building stage and really isn't that old?

Just want to make sure before I go any further.

Thanks for your time
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    It would probably be a good idea to remove the old and re-apply new TIM, just to be on the safe side.
  2. I agree with clarkjd.

    When you first install the heat sink, you start with a tiny blob (or lines if using a direct heatpipe contact type) which gets spread out to fill the tiny space between CPU and heat sink. When you remove it, you get an uneven film as it pulls apart. The resulting film will be too thin to spread when you reapply the heat sink and you will likely have poor thermal contact.
  3. That's what I figured. Just kind of ticked that the instructions were incorrect.

    thanks all.
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