Siren alarm but not sure where it's coming from


One of my computer's case outlet fans went wrong. When I booted the computer up a siren sound started with the computer, a high-low-sound.

I've replaced the fan and CPU temps in the BIOS are 35.5C but I'm still hearing the high-low siren sound.

The motherboard is an Asus P7P55D LE, the CPU is an Intel i5 750 which is running as normal, not overclocked. The heatsink is sitting correctly and working fine.

I can't work out where the sound is coming from so not sure if it is coming from the motherboard or not.

Thanks for any help you can give.
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  1. Try to see which temps are high, if none of them are and you feel it's safe, you can disable the Alarm by disabling the Minimum RMP monitoring setting in the BIOS for Fans and temps.
  2. I know that ´bios`s have that siren alarm when something is a miss.. ram, cpu, power, fans etc.. the sound intervals explains what the main malfunction is..

    Try this out to specify your problem

    I had the same on an asus p5b, and the fault was a ram block... but it did not show before i changed from p4 to c2d

    It could be the videoadaptor..

  3. If you feel all the temps are fine then. Go to the BIOS, Under The Power section got to Hardware Monitor.
    Select Ignored for the following entries
    CPU Fan Speed
    Chassis Fan 1 Speed
    Chassis Fan 2 Speed

    Set CPU Q-Fan Control & Chassis Q-Fan Control to Standard.

    Under the CPU Voltage Select Ignored.

    Note: Typo in first post... it's RPM... :)
  4. Thanks for the help!

    I changed the entries on the BIOS but it didn't make any difference to the sound I can hear.

    I checked through all the sounds listed on the sites and have finally tracked the problem down to a faulty hard drive. Never heard this sort of noise from a hard drive before.

    Thanks for all the help and advice, it's much appreciated.
  5. I have a Gateway Laptop running Win 7(64bit) with a AMD Athlon II Dual Core M300(Caspian) with a WiFi connection. It is

    about 2 years old. Three weeks ago I reformatted my HD and reinstalled everything. I started noticing the police like

    siren in the background that started about a minute after I booted up my computer that would go for about 15-30 seconds and

    then quit. It would do it again approx every 30 miinutes, regardless whether I had any programs, browsers, etc open or

    closed. I ran virus programs, registry programs, and other malware apps. It still continued. Yesterday I opened the volume

    mixer (Right click on the volume icon and choose open volume mixer). I noticed a slider control Which I hadn't seen

    before: mpg123. I waited till the siren went off again and clicked on the mute for that slider and it stopped. I then

    started to think of any programs which were on my computer that might have that siren sound associated with it. I then

    remembered that I had the Prey open source antitheft program, one of the ones that I had re-installed. I went to my

    programs menu and selected the 'configure prey' option. When the Prey Congigurator Menu opened I selected the 'Manage Prey

    Settings' option and next. I made sure the 'Wifi autoconnect' option was checked and hit apply. It said successful. I

    waited for an hour and heard no more siren. I then went back to the volume mixer and noticed that the mpg123 slider was no

    longer there. Of course, it probably had disappeared after I had reconfigured the Prey settings. So far the siren has no

    longer returned.
  6. That means ?? Were you hearing a clicking sound?
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