2011 Benefit of Nvidia vs ATI?

Building a new rig and my current dilemma is the GPU. I recently am doing a AMD/ATI Build. I was kind of planning on doing a Intel/NVIDIA (i7). My question though is there is big advantage of going with Nvidia or ATI? I am not speaking of any specific card, just the company. Example, Nvidia offers Phsyx which I often see a lot of games I like using it. Is there big difference between Phsyx on/off?

Also I am using 1920x1080p as much res. I also just prepurchased Dragon Age 2 and I am really excited and want to see it in all of its glory.
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  1. Quote:
    Is there big difference between Phsyx on/off?

    depends on how you observe the game.I personally like PhysX coz I'm really impressed by whatever i saw in Terminator Salvation PhysX on compared to Terminator Salvation PhysX off
  2. Forgetting about price/performance, the main difference between the cards are PhysX and AA.

    Nvidia has PhysX. For the few games that support GPU accelerated PhysX, this can be a nice feature. I think this has been talked about enough you likely know what it's about already.

    ATI has better Anti-Aliasing options. Super-sampling AA cleans up aliasing a lot more thoroughly than Multi-sampling. The main difference is supersampling cleans the whole image, multisampling only smooths out the edges. ATI also has Morphological AA which is a weak version of supersampling AA, but it's post process and works on any game, even games that won't support other forms of AA at all.
  3. Two quick points to this old entry. :)

    I just wanted to add that ASUS do some great AM3 motherboards that have SLI right now. I have been running (over the last 18 months) an ATI Crossfire gigabyte MB with a single 275, then a single 295 (SLI on a card). I then upgraded to an ASUS EVO AM3 socket MB in August with a 1090t x6 AMD CPU and two 470s. So you can have AM3 and NVIDIA as another choice. Maybe there is a ATI and intel solution as well if you want that?

    I have run a series of ATI cards along side these NVIDIA ones. Even the worst card is great these days. One fact that isn't mentioned in the reviews is that I feel ATI ad NVIDIA GPUs have a different 'graphical presentation'. So my NVIDIA renders the same game differently from the ATI. I can see it. This part to me is personal preference. I prefer the NVIDIA. My friend likes the ATI better. Certainly the ATIs seem to have very fluid 2D if that matters to you. I then they put a lot of effort into that 2D code years ago? Not that the 470s are slouches with that either.

    As I am a UNIX guy used to multiuser SMP, I load up my windows 7 64-bit game system with apps and multi-task heavily. The intel's don't seem to like what I dish out and I have had stutters and hourglasses a lot with Intel chips that I don't get on AMD running the same apps. Maybe with your apps it will be the other way round. I know that lots of stuff is compiled with Intel compilers so is optimized for that.

    So I ended up with AMD CPUs and NVIDIA cards, weird huh!
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