What kind of PSU for 2x GTX460 1GB SLI?

I'm building a system with two GTX460 1gb cards in SLI and I'm not sure how much power I need, I've never done SLI before. The single card itself recommends a minimum of 450Watt PSU, so how much do I need for SLI? Twice as much? Surely not...
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  1. No, if i were you, the minimal i would go with is at least a 650-watt PSU by a quality brand like Corsair or Antec, preferably 750-watts or greater.

    My brother in law uses a corsair 650-watt PSU for his 460 SLI setup but if he decides to up the ante and get 2 x 570 for SLI, he will certainly need a better PSU.

    My advice, if you have the cash to spend, ALWAYS get a decent PSU with room for upgrades. it will last for at least two rigs and leave room for upgrades.
  2. So, this Corsair 750W should do the trick?
  3. guitarxe said:
    So, this Corsair 750W should do the trick?

    Very much a great choice. I chose the 850 modular version and know i will have it for a decent amount of time.
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    Don't get the old one, there is a newer, better version which is actually cheaper:
    Corsair 750TXV2 80Plus Bronze $110 ($10 USD rebate, $8 shipping)

    However you can definitely use a 650W PSU if you don't have plans to upgrade to two more power hungry graphics cards later. The Corsair 650TX and TXV2 don't have enough PCIe connectors for it, so generally I wouldn't recommend those for GTX 460 SLI rigs.
  5. Excellent, thank you very much for your quick and helpful replies.
    And thanks for the tip, Silvune!
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