How can i format my sony vaio

How can i format my laptop sony vaio.thank you.
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  1. Obviously you will not be able to format the hard disk whilst still booted into Windows (or any OS for that matter). Best way is to boot the device with a bootable CD/DVD/USB (WinPE/ and then do a format/re-partition of the hard disk.
  2. U can do what leo246246 wrote^^^ or new Windows 7 disc will let u format the old hard drive before a new installation will start.
  3. You better have a Windows DVD and installation DVDs for all your applications. You should backup all your documents and pictures, if you want to keep them.
  4. except the system drive you can format all other drives
    to do that either use right click menu(right click on a drive)
    use computer management(right click on my computer), also you can merge drives from there and can create many other drives

    but if you want to format complete hdd then you need a bootable disc
    or you can use raid utility of bios (if it is there) to do a low level format
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