I want to water cool 3, HD4850, 512 mb video cards, cpu is air cooled. how big a

I am building a "silent" rig. I have a Vendetta 2 and a back plane cooler for my Q6600 (28 to 30 C at idle).

But, I have 3, HD4850's, 2 in "Crossfire" and they are very loud at full tilt! As I am in a "studio" environment, I need something quieter. My present case is a Thermaltake "V6", I am thinking of going to a "Level 10 GT".

I want to water cool just the HD4850's. What size radiator do I need?

My complete rig is a P6Q-E mobo, Q6600 (mild overclock), 16gb PC5300 ram, 4 video cards (3 HD4850's and a ATI X1650), XPlosion 7.1 PCI sound card, SIIG 5.1 PCIe-X1 sound card, and a Callisto 7.0 Pinnacle capture card, 3 400 GB SATA hard drives, 2 in RAID and 4 DVD burners and 3 Gateway 24" 1080p monitors.

Almost forgot, 900W PS.

Please advise as the noise is driving me CRAZY ;) !

Jay F.
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  1. 240 to 360 rad, also the water-blocks are going to cost more then the cards are worth i would rethink what your dong.
  2. A good water-cooling loops runs around 1000$ or more.
  3. HUH???? What's it made out of, gold? All kidding aside, I paid an average of $36.00 each for the "factory refurbished" HD4850's and $20.00 each for brand new, in the box, EK-FC4850 full cover copper water blocks!

    So, $168 + $58.00 for a Q6600, $45.00 refurbished P5Q-E Deluxe, add to that 16gb ram I had laying around and 3, 400gb sata drives sitting on my shelf I have a "fair" system for under $300! and I don't think I'll spend the remaining $700 of your $1000 on a radiator, fans, reservoir and pump do you? And, since I'm not a gamer I'm not worried about the "latest and greatest", works for me.

    I just wanted some advice on sizing a water block, thats all.
  4. OOPS! ment sizing a radiator, not water block :( !
  5. Like a triple or quad lol! those are hot gpus.
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