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i am going to build a new computer and want to play bfbc2, force unleashed 2, crysis and warhead, dirt 2, age of empires 2 and fifa 09. I want to play at 1080p on high settings, but frames per second dont really matter as i have been playing halo 1 and unreal tournament 1 at 1024 x 768 with intel integrated graphics on a pentium 4 and is playable for me at 15 fps. i want to spend about $200. Here are my options (from newegg):

highly overclocked 460 gtx evga $200
6850 $180
5850 $210
5670 1gb cfx with 4850 $215
6870 $225
5770 $150

please post other suggestions also

will be using the i5 2500
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  1. I would get them in this order HD6870>GTX460>HD6850>HD5850 and then forget about the rest for what you want to do although the HD5770 will be playable.
  2. for te general price range I would go with a 6870, but if you can manage to go up to the 300 dollar mark I would go with a 6950 with the high potential to unlock it to a 6970, but overall with the cards you mentioned and wanting to go 1920X1080/1200 then I would go with the 6870 bc right now imho the frame increase is not worth the price premium... right now... and at 1080p... so go with the 6870:: and XFX has a nice one on newegg for 220 AR and a lifetime warranty.
  3. It's amazing how much muscle $200 will buy you today.

    6850, 5850, or 6870 are all going to be pretty close. Take a look around and if you can find a great deal on one of these, go for it.

    6850- only uses 1 6-pin connector, vs two for the other two cards. This is extra nice if you are considering crossfiring anytime soon- only requires 2 6-pin connectors for the pair and provides a very excellent value that performs comparably to the $500 GTX 580!

    5850- XFX Black Edition (OC'd card) is selling on newegg.com right now for $180 after rebates- this is a pretty good deal to be honest. This is a great option if you know you are not interested in crossfiring.

    6870- this looks like it's over your $200 price range, but it may be worth it if you stretch the budget a bit. Can be had for as low as $210 after rebates right now. Is it worth $30 over the Black Edition 5850? If it was me I would say no but make your own call!

    Let us know what you decide on and how it works out!
  4. hi again, i have decided to change my build so it uses one of those old beige computer cases for that retro look, and would like to know whether i will see a bigger performance boost going from 4gb ram to 8 or upping the 6870 to a 6950 with the money saved.
  5. With a 6870 you can manage 50+FPs with high settings.If you go to a 6950 i'm sure you might even be able to run Crysis at at 50+FPS(maybe).But a lot of these cards also depends on the power your CPU can deliever.Even though it might be an i5 if it's not above 3ghz it won't do the cards any good because their start getting bottlenecked by the CPU's lack of power.
    I would say right around 6G or 8G is the sweet spot for memory.That will allow you to operate at maximum efficancy not slowing any otherdevices down.

    Were you planing to O.C.?
    Which PSU were u going to get?
  6. get the 2500k and oc the crap out of it and get a 6950 instead of 8 vs 4 gigs of ram 4 is fine for now
  7. can i overclock the 2500k with the stock cooler. if not i dont want anything heavy because i am using a msi board
  8. Hyper 212+ would be the best cooler if you wanted it to be light for your mobo.I'm sure their are even better cooler that are lighter.I just checked and it isn't as light as i thought it would be.600grams compared to other heatsinks that require backplates at around 800grams.I wouldn't think the stock cooler would be able to allow you cool enough temps to O.C. it.
  9. I wouldnt oc with the stock cooler, sure you can do it, but you probably won't get much of an oc before temps become a problem. ^ whats the big deal with weight anyways?
  10. I've heard of a couple motherboards breaking.That would be absolutely horrible.Take out your mobo and your graphics card in one fall.
    MSI makes some quality stuff i wouldn't think they would make cheap mobos that can't handle the weight.But some heatsinks do come with backplates that will take some of the pressure off of the mobo directly.
  11. oh I see well to me if you install it right there should be a prob but I guess Ive never considered that, the hyper 212 from my experience was a pain in the ass to install but once I got it down it performed great
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