Acer aspire 5251 battery not charging

Laptop won't charge, so I bought a new charger and it's still not charging
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  1. Maybe the battery's just dead - happens after so many cycles. How old is this computer?
  2. It's less than a year old, bought it around October. I think I know the problem now. I bought a new charger, and it started charging, but I had to hold it in to work. I think the internal unit is messed up.
  3. i also got a new acer aspire 5251 but the battery is good, it indicate that is fully charge but when i disconnect the charger from power, immediately the laptop goes off as if there no battery in it, what can i do as well
  4. Honestly the best way to fix it is if you go to a computer repair shop. I wouldn't reccomend trying to buy the part and replace it yourself. It's a pain in the butt. Will take hours and probably not gonna keep your warranty. Is it still covered? If it is covered under a 1 year manufacturers warranty you can get it fixed. That's the easiest way to do it.

    To: victor001200, Your battery is shot. You probably charged it poorly so now its not working properly. Buy a replacement. Their like $30 on ebay.
  5. ok thanks
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