Wow Ultra; $2000; some rendering

Looking to be able to play WoW on Ultra and run what comes for the next year or two. Also, I like the idea of rendering videos.

US; Newegg

Parts unnecessary: keyboard, mouse (but do accept the suggestions), monitor

My monitor is full HD, 25".

I was up to date on all parts up to the i3. Have now lost track.

-- -- -- --

Graphics card: gtx 580 w/ watercooling, but prefer the 570 if it'll run everything (now and later)

A mobo: sli/crossfire (for upgrades; no duals, yet) and the most RAM slots.


All right, I want the best quality for the price. I'd like to go dual core because it's pretty inexpensive. The i3-560 looks amazing (3.33GHz; way inexpensive).

What's the difference between it and better processors (that quad)? What's that new L2 cache?

PSU: ??

RAM: " " -- Doesn't have to be DDR30.....

-- -- -- --

Lastly, what watercooling would be Optimus Prime?

Edit: About WoW -- 20-man....(IDK if the game supports crossfire / dual or quad. Please comment)

Edit 2: No experience w/ watercooling.

I'd like to just cool the graphics. It's just to keep things savvy.

However, if the pushin-pin stock fan for the cpu is . . . not savvy, then I'd cool the whole system. Once again, it's not to overclock - just to lengthen life.

i5-2500k seems sweet.

What mobo? Any specific RAM? Are 1155 and 1156 all compatible?
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  1. If $2000 is your budget, I'd be looking at a sandy bridge setup. i7 2600K or i5 2500K
  2. Do you want to water cool the whole system, or just the video card?
    And also, not being judgemental, please list your main reasons for choosing water cooling and do you have any experience maintaining a water cooled system?
  3. For a processor you really should be looking for something like the Intel® Core™ I5 2500k. This is a quad core processor that will give you great performance in WOW. IF you matched the 2500k up with a P67 board like the Intel desktop board BOXDP67BGB3, which is designed to give you outstanding performance and the ability to overclock your processor if you desire.

    Christian Wood
    Intel Enthusiast Team
  4. Updated post.

    Don't think that mobo is on newegg.
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