Hardware issue (suspicious graphics Card)

Hi guys, needless to say any help would be heavily valued.

At first, I'm not a native English speaker, so lets me say sorry in advance for my mistakes.

My PC is 4 years old (which hopefully helps me with some similar issues on the hardware):

---------> SUSPICIOUS GRAPHICS CARD: Nvidia Geforce 7600 GS

Trying to simulate the problem ... I figured out that:

1) When playing a video game, watching a video/movie ... will finally ends with this sequence:

Screen freezes (sound still sounds)
... a few seconds with frozen screen and normal sound ...
... finally: sound crashes and it enter in a infinite mini-loop (random strange sound, depending on the point where the sound player was)
---> it remains like this for hours (unless you reboot/shutdown the computer).

So, trying to isolate the problem (i've done all kind of checks/tests/substituions):

---> The Graphics card is the bad component.

How can I know what kind of issue is?
Really I didn't need to perform any graphics test before ... so I don't have any clue on what kind of tools/trips/tricks could be useful to me.

Thank you very much for your info,

PS.1. Curious data: first it started happening after a while playing .... but several days after, it was happening sooner and sooner ... just after a few seconds playing. So I've thought in open my case (cooling-system is a panic on this), and it worked successfully :-) However, after a few days ... it was just not enough, and the problem started again (open or closed case). After checking temperatures I knew it was not a temperature problem ... so this is quite strange !!

PS.2. Tomorrow I'm taking another gpu to remplace it ... but I wanna know how I could know what the problem is,
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  1. Have you cleaned the cooler on the card? It really sounds like there is a temperature issue going on here, that is the only thing that changes when opening up the case!
  2. could be overhaeting try blackbox 2.1 or hwmonitor for temp reading,report the result on forum
    i also use french
  3. Ey, thanks guys!

    As rolli59 just told me, I'm almost sure that it's that cooler. In fact, it was never cleaned after the PC was bought, so ... I think it's clear.

    I'm trying to clean along next days, so after that I'm writing down here the results if it's interesting for the forum.

    Thanks again, take care guys!

    scout_03: Unafortunately my French is worse than my English, so u could guess how terrible could I sound while trying to post something in French :P
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