P8Z68-V LX


I have ordered the above motherboard last night but it not going to arrive until next week. My friend built his pc on the same board a couple of weeks ago and when his board arrived the box had a yellow stripe in the top right corner saying pcie 3.0 ready. my question is what if I get old stock (as I bought from another company), will I be able to update it or will I be stuck with an out of date board?
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  1. if its the same model they will be identical
  2. alvine said:
    if its the same model they will be identical

    Well every site i looked on had the pcie ports as 2.0 including the one I bought from, but his is 3.0 so something has changed. I just want to find out if its a simple firmware update to solve it if mine is older? Or is the hardware different and I need to rma it?
  3. If you ordered a borad with that in the specs, that what you will get. Sorry but I don't see that in the specs from Newegg.
    I don't see it in the ASUS specs either.
  4. sorry for the poor quality pic but as you can see inthe top right corner of the box, this one is pcie 3.0 ready!

    also note that the site he purchased from said it was 2.0! I can't find anyone selling this 3.0 version anywhere!
  5. I cant be bothered looking at this anymore, I've just ordered an Asrock extreme3 gen3 and will send the Asus back either way!

    thanks for looking
  6. The only other thing it may be is that it will support a PCIE 3.0 device but at PCIE 2.0 rate. A few of these MOBO Mfgs. were playing games with calling it PCIE 3.0 but it wasn't actually. May just be a gimic sales pitch.
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