Need help fith choosing PSU asap

I can't choose the right PSU. The system is i5 2500k, Asus p8p67 pro, 2x2GB Crucial Ballistix 1600MHz and a MSI gtx 470 twin frozr II. Si it has to have a 8pin CPU power and atleast 2x6 pin PSI power if not 4x4pin.

Is 600W enough for single GPU card? Maybe I will SLI later in the future.
Right now I'm looking at the Chieftec CFT-650-14CS 650W or the Chieftec 750W CFT-750-14CS or the Fortron Toiteplokk 650W 90+ Oem. I want to buy it tomorrow so I need help asap PLEASE! The last 2 are same price.
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  1. You will need a PSU with 4xpci-e cables should you want to SLI and a minimum of 650w, if it was me I would go 750w+

    Do yourself a favour and get a decent branded quality unit, something along these lines.
  2. Welcome! 600 watt is enough for a single card just as long it has minimum 38amps available for the combined + 12 volt rails. Can not comment on the mentioned PSU's since none of them would be on my recommended list which would be Seasonic, Corsair, Antec and Enermax. But look for reviews and choose from there.
  3. First of all big thank you, guys for quick responce!
    I thought that Chieftec was over the middle class brand in the PSU world. I was offered a used (1,5 years) Silverstone 700w olympia. No cable management tho.
    leaning towards the 750W Chieftec.
  4. Never skimp on your psu it is the single most important component in your rig.

    If you want good advice buy a new decent quality brand as suggested.
  5. A review of some Chieftec units, which actually includes both units mentioned in this thread so far, the performance doesn't look that bad.
  6. You pay ya money ya makes ya choice.

    How much are they and what sort of warranty do you get?
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