Monitor wont display after installing new video card

Ok, i just recieved today my new video card which is a Saphire Radeon 4670
I took out my old video card, put the new one in, and attempted to start it up but nothing happened. In fact, I think my PSU has gotten louder and the fan began to become real loud.

I have it installed in the exact same place my old card was.

my computer specs are as follows:
Dell Dimensions 8400
3.0 p4
3.5 gigs of ram (4gig installed)
Dynex 400w psu

If any one has any suggestions, please let me know. I am a complete newbie when it comes to this stuff so please be gentle haha
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  1. What was the old card?
    Did you uninstall the old card in device manager before you put in the new card? If so it sounds like your Dynex is struggling.
  2. I did not uninstill the old card, which is something that I will try. I was told that my dynex could handle this card in a previous posting on here. Since the noise coming from my PSUis the fans, is this card then too much for my PSU? It says it requires minimal 400w psu.
  3. A 400watt psu should be plenty for the card!
  4. Like i said, I did not uninstall the old video card. It was a Radeon x1300. Also, I read that I needed to plug my monitor into the onboard video card that originally came with the computer However, I cannot find an appropriate place to plug it into. Can I unstill the old card, though device manager and all that, do I then install the drivers from the CD, turn computer off, then physically install the new video card? I am thinking that maybe I am just not doing something right here...
  5. Being an ATI card it should have run on your old drivers. Try this with the old card in; uninstall the card in device manager, shut down, replace with new card, startup and it should display with windows default VGA driver. If that does not work it is either a faulty card or the PSU is not supplying enough power.
  6. Ok just came back up from down stairs and did exactly what you said. I uninstalled the old video card, took it out, put new one in. Attempted to start it up. PSU fan got read loud, started to freak me out, and no video display came up. Put back in old card, everything came up fine. If it is either a faulty card or the PSU is not supplying enough power, how do I determine which one it is? Also, are there any other possibilities as to what is causing the problem?
  7. I also have 2 cd/dvd drives installed on the computer. Could taking out one of these drives help if its a power problem?
  8. Without trying the card in another computer we will not know, if the card works there it is the PSU that can not deliver.
  9. bah! what do I need to do then? I dont have another computer to try it out on. Would you guys recommend returning the stupid thing? Or callign tech support? This is so frusterating!
  10. Are there any other ways I can find out whether its a PSU problem or a video card problem?
  11. You buy it online?
    Dynex comes out of best buy, You have one close?
  12. I guess I can just take it to best buy then and see if they can figure it out. I just dont want to pay them. Funds are short right now. Thanks for all the help Rolli59.
  13. I think I was wrong in my assessment of my computer. The monitor is not displaying because the computer isnt loading up at all. I install the new card, turn it on, it acts like it wants to start but doesnt. The fan gets really loud and nothing happens? Any ideas ?
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