No post rma'd everything

hi i recently bought

put them in the case made sure 4-pin CPU 24-pin MOBO connector were in place and tried to turn on with no joy no beeps and fans come on. then tried it outside the case with only necessary parts and still the same except when i take the ram out i get beeps could it be the Ram that is the problem???.I have Rma'd everything apart from the Ram.

cheerz to any1 that can give us ahand in advance
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  1. You know it is pretty hard to offer thoughts on whats wrong when you have sent everything back? There is a very precise troubleshooting process to follow to help you figure out what is wrong.

    More than likely it is the RAM that is bad or the power supply. Those two items cause more issues.... Yes the other parts go bad, but do it differently.

    How many beeps?
  2. 4 beeps im assuming that its just to say no ram ive kinda gave up on it not touched it in a while.Is everything i bought compatable? obviously i checked before i bought them but would like a second opinion just incase And also it does the same thing with a known good PSU so thats 1 thing off the list
  3. Work through our standard checklist:
    WORK, not just read!
    Tell us where in the list it fails, and we will be better able to help you!
  4. i done what it said here and all goes fine up untill i put the ram in and no sound or post i think il rma the ram
  5. Think it could be the ram then??????
  6. RAM, motherboard, or PSU (still).
  7. does getting beeps not rule out mobo and cpu and it does same with my mates good psu
  8. (rma'd everything apart from ram before and still the same problem) started with just the motherboard switched on got (no cpu) beeps put in cpu then switched on again and got the (no ram) beeps inserted ram and now i get none beeps no post
    the power supply does work on old build and my friends comp with same motherboard
    any 1 had this problem before or heard of it plz plz plz plz plz have also worked through the list posted before
  9. Whether 1600MHz memory speed is supported depends on the AM3 CPU
    you adopt. If you want to adopt DDR3 1600 memory module on this
    motherboard, please refer to the memory support list on our website for
    the compatible memory modules.-User manual...... think this could be the problem LOL
  10. whats the opinions on that ???
  11. help plz
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