PC wont start up! HELP IM WORRIED!

Hi i've ran into a little bit of trouble, and my pc wont start up, and im really worried!

basicly i bought a Corsair 650W TX PSU and a new EVGA GTX 460 Super Clocked Edition 1GB. all connectors are in, but the PSU doesn't have a 4 Pin connector.

650W corsair tx PSU (just fitted)
Core 2 Quad q9450 2.66
XMS2 Corsair
GTX 460 SC edition EVGA (just fitted)
I think thats it!

like i said the PSU has no 4 Pin connector. some of you know that P5NE SLI MoBo's has a 4 pin connector! which i dont have. and when i hit the power switch. it turns on for at least half a second to one second. and turns of immediatly. no beebing or anything.

So i need a 4 pin connector, and problem solved??? or is anything else brocken???

I previously had 9800gt PALIT and a 450W PSU which i don't know the make etc.

PLEASE OH PLEASE help me. im really woried about my Computer! :(

Thank you in advanced!!

P.S. im going to do a BIOS reset using the jumpers. I'll post when im done. thank you!
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  1. Your MB says it needs an ATX power supply (with 24-pin and 4-pin 12V plugs) ATX 12V 2.0 compliant.

    You have a cable on there that is EPS/ATX12V 8-4 pin. I would see if one of those 4 pin connectors connects to your MB.
  2. Look again.

    If there isn't a 4pin, it might be in the form of an 8pin. You can still plug in 4 of the pins (and leave the other 4 dangling)
  3. Ahh so i can plug the 8 pin connector into that 4 pin one? thanks for replying!
  4. Okay the 8 pi doesn't fot. theres a jumper in the way which is in the way about 1-2mm!! grr ¬_¬ can i fit a 6-8 pin connector into the 4 pin?

    P.S. couldn't i bend the jumper a bit out of the way? as long as i dont bend it more than 45^ then i should be okay?
  5. Can you pop the 8 pin apart?

    It might be "clasped" together in some fashion by breakable plastic specifically for this reason. Sometimes they're shipped held together but if you need to, they're designed to be split in half.
  6. yeah they split in half. i never knew that :S sorry about that! ima start it up!
  7. Features
    1 x Main connector (20+4Pin)
    1 x 12V(4/8Pin)
    8 x peripheral
    8 x SATA
    2 x Floppy
    2 x PCI-E

    Taken right from newegg.

    Use your brain a little. One of the 2 4 pins will fit the 4 pin slot.

    Dont force the wrong one in or good buy motherboard.
  8. thanks for the replys. im not very good with PSU's. thanks for your asnwers. and sorry for being a pain in the arse! i was just a little worried. as i accidently scrapped my screw driver accross my motherboard, i thaoght i nuked it or somehthing.

    Thank you!
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