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Sound card amp vs. speaker amps

Do you think I'd get better sound by putting more of the amplification load on my sound card's amp or on the amps in my speakers?
I have a Xonar DG:
and M-Audio BX5a speakers:

To rephrase, would it be better to turn the sound card up and the speakers down or to turn the speakers up and the sound card down?
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    The amp on that card is for headphones. They generally have higher impedance than speakers. and therefore require less power. I would use the line out of the card to the input of the speakers and put the load on the speaker amps. :sol:
  2. So far, I've had the sound card around 10% and the speakers taking it up to fairly loud.
  3. Do which ever gives you the best sound and control of that sound.
  4. Hm, no best answer option. Odd.
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