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Hello, i am currently running windows 7 ultimate. picked up xfx radeon hd 5570 graphics card for my computer because i got a second monitor. so after the installation disk told me to get the integrated download i did i updated EVERY software for my computer its all up to date but my computer....

i want to hook up two monitors one in my new graphics card ( with a 24-15 pin converter ) and the other to the integrated slot on my pc now my computer wont detect its integrated chipset for video D: but it picks up the radeon.. so there for it wont pick up my second monitor (mitsubishi whatever ) . any ideas?
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  1. If am understanding this right, it sounds like you are trying to run the on board graphics and a dedicated graphics card at the same time. That in almost all cases is a no can do. :non:

    I think you are confusing what they are asking for. Integrated download in that case did not refer to your on board graphics controller.

    If you want to run two monitors, try connecting them to the 5570 only. Use whatever adapters you have to. The 5570 gives you DVI, HDMI, and 15-pin analog out. If that's a Mitsubishi large screen DLP like I have over HDMI, for that you will have to use HDMI on the TV side and either a DVI to HDMI adapter or the HDMI jack on the 5570. Once detected, expand your desktop over to the other and you're good to go. Just don't expect to play Crysis at 1920x1080 on ultra and get 100 FPS. :??:
  2. yeah i figured that out :/ ashame its not that easy. but oh well.
    but do you possibly have links to buy the converters?
    i wouldnt mind picking them up soon i really want to get dual screens going.
    (im currently teaching my self some programming languages) so dual screen is nice to have.
    but again thanks for the information (:
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