Computer crashes.. video related or am I going crazy?

This afternoon I installed a Logitech 2 sattelite + 1 subwoofer speaker system (25 watt) on my PC (I use a 500w PSU). the subwoofer is on the rug underneath the table i have my PC on.

About an hour and a half after this I was doing some light gaming, checking mail, etc and the display became all staticy (yes, it's a word lol) and I had to power down with the onboard button. Turned it back on, worked for about 30 minutes and then the machine did this again and then auto-restarted, saying it was forced to shut down from an error. A few moments later the screen froze (mouse wouldn't move, couldn't run any commands, etc.) and sat like that til I powered it down again.

I thought at first it was the GPU (PNY GTS 250 1gb XLR8 edition) so I put in another one (EVGA 9400 GT) and it happened again.

I'm currently typing this in SAFE MODE w/Networking while Malwarebytes scans the machine but I can't figure out what this can be. Might it be bad video? Could the PSU be the problem, even tho I'm able to run in safe mode but not on normal desktop?

None of my searches so far have produced results.
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  1. What are CPU / GPU temps ?

    What does Event Viewer say ?

    Have you run memtest ?.

    have you torture tested machine ? Download OCCT
  2. CPU and GPU temps according to SpeedFan were well under normal.. I have a huge house fan blowing air across the machine and I was too cold had to put on another shirt :P

    I looked briefly thru the event viewer and saw some Desktop Windows Manager actions under System right around the times of the freezes. I've not used Event Viewer a lot to know exactly what I'm looking for tho.

    Have not done any memtests.
  3. So I took out the GTS250 (NEVER buying another PNY card), ran in safe mode and scanned, removing 2 registry problems with Malwarebytes, restarted and installed the latest drivers for my other card (GT9400 by EVGA) and have been running for about 20 minutes. If this setup keeps running and I try to switch the other card in to test it before I build my new machine I will be spreading the word regarding the crappy quality of PNY's products
  4. /sigh.. ran the computer thru the night macroing on a game to see if the system would work.. worked when i left for work at 11 this morning, still going but when I got home the screen was now Grey and the system had frozen.. restarted and the screen went black and the system restarted again.

    Browsing thru event viewer I saw some event ID (5032?) that mentioned memory.. running the Memory Diag. Tool now to see if that was it but I still can't figure this out.. Safe mode is perfectly fine which is the part thats really bugging me.

    Any ideas? MOBO power short? PSU short?
  5. HEY! I've been having the SAME problem. and ya know what we have in common?- that logitech subwoofer! I've been plagued by this for almost a year and could never quite get past it. Video drivers were crashing, all sorts of different problems were manifest and the logical solutions were not working permanently. There WAS an inordinate amount of heat in the vacinity of the GPU, but I think I've found the solution buddy! I would hear the "staticy" noise in the speakers too- which always made me uneasy. And one day after a crash I realized that in almost all cases it was linked to audio, more-so than video. I'm no expert on anything, but i had this hunch that the feedback in the speakers had something to do with my PC being cooked. So, I quit using them and havent had a problem since! I'm using little headphones at the moment, but I think I'm gonna try a different speaker set... Check the connection on your Subwoofer, cause mine wasn't snug and no amount of pushing could make it get a solid fit -which seemed to be the source of the 'static'. Again, no expert- but I think we all know the danger of loose wires... Might just be a design flaw common in Logitech subwoofers.. I dunno. BUT- after looking up stuff on the internet, it certainly wouldnt be the first Logitech product to cause a computer crash. Hopefully I've been helpful, cause no 'expert' in the world is gonna be able to diagnose the problem if it's something this silly.
  6. I put the subwoofer up on the old box my laptop came in to get it off the rug and, unfortunately, I had to remove the house fan i was using for extra cooling from the socket and since I have done this I haven't had a single crash.. I'm guessing there was some sort of overheat from the fan causing feedback thru the socket/PSU that was the culprit.
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