CPU Latch Wont Lock

I opened the latch to place the cpu in but when I tried to close it, it wouldn't without alot of pressure. Asus P8P67 1155 with i5-2500k (1155). Heres some pictures of the latch. I'm afraid to go further without damaging the motherboard or cpu. What I would like to know is if the latch looks normal or has it unhinged itself.

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  1. If you've made sure the tongue isnt on top of the bracket, go ahead and use a little pressure on the locking arm. I just installed a 2500k and the pressure required to lock the arm in place was a little more than I expected. Of course, make doubly-sure you've orientated your CPU correctly, and that the top retaining plate's tongue is in the receiving end on the bracket so it can slide forward and on top of the CPU as you lock the arm down.
  2. http://img340.imageshack.us/f/dsc00231l.jpg/

    As you can see, so much pressure that I chip the paint. I'll take an exact photo of the tongue? down and ready to apply the locking arm.

  3. Are those actual dents on the edges of your CPU housing? That doesn't seem right.
  4. Just the paint. It looks that way from the picture but I feel it could be possible.
  5. There is no paint on the CPU housing, it's just aluminum . Heh I need some lunch. It's not paint so much though... it's copper plated with nickel I think. So it's chrome off the Lotes locking mechanism. I was ready to say at the start of this thread that you were just being overly cautious but I just don't know now.

    Everything looks right in the pics, but it would only take some slight difference or bend to screw things up. An extra coat of chrome on the locking mechanism or such. Obviously if I could put my finger on the lever I could say for sure.
  6. Oops... Sorry about the whole long tongue explanation. My mobo must just have a different setup.
  7. I probably was being over cautious because I got it down. Now I'm trying to get the HDD to be found.
  8. Yeah, I was worried about breaking my board when I was building mine. The last 2/3's of the latching procedure required significantly more force than I expected. I could hear the entire board creak when I was pressing the arm down. Eventually I decided to just go for it and everything went perfectly fine.
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