My graphics card or RAM?

I use a SiS Mirage 3 Graphics wit 376 mb memory and a RAM of 2gb. But my games e.g g.t.a vice city and pes 2010 are very slow wen playing and even hang sumtimes. Wat is d problem?
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  1. I didn't know SiS even made graphics cards any more.. I'm willing to bet that's your problem.
  2. I tink so too. Cos my pes 2010 settings usually indicate "bad". By y does my pes indicate 1.8gb of RAM instead of 2.00?
  3. Maybe the video card is using some of your RAM as shared memory.
  4. This is an integrated chipset normally used in lower end laptops.
  5. Thanks 4 ur replies. I sought agree wit u guys. I use a VEDA laptop. And dem d game moves faster weneva i use electricity. Any idea y?
  6. i use a veda laptop with a sis mirage graphics card. i want to know if i can change the graphics card?
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