CPU Latch Wont Lock

I opened the latch to place the cpu in but when I tried to close it, it wouldn't without alot of pressure. Asus P8P67 1155 with i5-2500k (1155). Heres some pictures of the latch. I'm afraid to go further without damaging the motherboard or cpu. What I would like to know is if the latch looks normal or has it unhinged itself.

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  1. The latch has come up. It should be down and locked in place like figure 6 on page 2-36 of your manual. Have you already tightened the hex screw?
  2. Gotta ask, did you align the small "triangle" on the CPU withe the small triangle on the socket. From your picture is look like all the keys are seated. Assure that the front of the latch slips under the hex screw as you close the latch. Once your sure, really, really sure.....

    It DOES take a fair amount of pressure to close the latch and clip it under the tab on the side of the socket.....

    At some point you have to believe you are right and try it......
  3. Yeah I got it down. I saw a video where a guy was having the same issue so, knowing everything was in place, I took a chance.
  4. Is everything working OK?
  5. No. It doesn't detect the HDD even though I have it in SATA3G_1 with power pin.


    I can't figure it out. I want to continue trouble shooting before I order a new one because I want to get this working as soon as possible.
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