Keep my 5870 or going with GTX 570 ? urgent please

guys i have perfect deal someone want to buy my 5870 for 90 K.D wich equals to 320 $ i saw this deal and im amazed what do you recommend me with guys selling my 5870 and going with GTX 570 or keeping my current card . thx
please i want urgent help
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  1. Why not just get another xfx HD 5870 and go CF? I did
    Newegg current has your model for $279 w/ a $40 rebates (New). I also got a $15 Newegg gift card.
    So you don't have the perfect deal.
  2. Yes, sell your 5870 and get the GTX 570.
    The price you are getting is superb.
    The GTX 570 is about 25% faster.
  3. Quote:
    sell it if he wants it, go for it!

    I agree. :)
  4. At such a good offer defiantely sell
  5. Or u can get a 6950 for $300 and unlock to 6970.
  6. GTX570, will serve you much better especially in DX11.
  7. Get the 570 it's much better.
  8. thanks guys i have sold mine yesterday at perfect price its even more than the new price
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