AMD A8 APU or Core i5 with Nvidia GT 540m?

I'm trying to decide what to get in my next laptop. Anyone got opinions on this?
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  1. The i5 will likely deliver higher framerates.....
  2. It depends on what you want to do with the laptop. The AMD will give you better gpu performance, while the i5 boasts a stronger cpu. So many games will play better(not extremely) on the AMD configuration, but cpu intensive tasks like video encoding would benefit from the i5. What I would do is wait for the Llano laptops to hit the market(most likely by the end of the month) and compare their prices to Intel laptops. Many think the Llano ones will be cheaper, but we'll have to wait and see.
  3. To clarify. I wanna play games like C&C 3 and WOW. I also wanna play diablo 3 and some future titles.
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    The Core i5 with the 540M ill perform better in games than the AMD A8 APU. Even with a HD6630 discrete GPU to use with the A8 APU, the 540M is quite a bit better.
  5. What about when the discrete combines with the integrated gpu? I thought that increased performance, but maybe not to the point of the 540. Also, can't other gpu's come with the A8?
  6. So far I have only seen up to a HD6630m, nothing betetr paired with it. Until then, the 540M that he is looking at is the better GPU for games.
  7. Okay. Hopefully at the end of the month more gpu's will become available.
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  9. I saw at bestbuy

    A8 APUm

    + 6750m (Which Hybrid XFires) (1 Gigabyte of GDDR5

    6 GB of RAM (Not sure of Speed, hopefully atleast DDR3)

    640 GB HD at 5400 RPM (OEM Cheaped out here)

    Blu Ray (at less than $700.00 o.o)

    Beats Audio ( Not really sure how well this actually works )

    Most likely beats i5 in battery life.

    Again, look at it realistically. I wouldn't ever purchase anything over $500.00 over the internet, so I mean, check your walmarts, electronic shops, best buys and what not. See what has the best deals, maybe you can find a deal on intel, but an AMD A8 will give you best bang for buck. Especially a blu ray player at under $700, I don't see that often.

    Only problem I see, is OEM's cheaping out on RAM since they give the APU a discrete graphics card, and the HD was struck down for the Blu Ray I see, but if you're pretty casual, this is what I'm getting myself.
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