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Most LCD monitors seem to run at pretty high native resolutions regardless of physical size. The mfgrs seem to want to cater only to those that want to cram as much tiny stuff on their screens as possible. But I know lots of folks (software clients and relatives) that like to run at pretty low res sometimes down to 800x600 so they can see things better. My dad in particular has a lot of trouble seeing and needs to run at pretty low res. There's a huge market of people out there like this. But of course when you set an LCD at something like 800x600 you lose a lot of quality. Anyway, I'm looking for a decent LCD monitor for my dad right now that can run natively at a pretty low res. I'm having a heck of a time finding one. I'd almost suggest he get a CRT but they're hard to find and can be pretty expensive now. So does anyone know of a good LCD in the 22" range that has a native resolution that's at least in the area of 1024x768?



.... I didn't see the "peripherals" section for actual monitors. I need this moved to that area. Could someone please move this post to electronics -> peripherals -> flat panels for me? Thanks.
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  1. Once you go beyond 19 inch most monitors are hitting the HD res. You lose a lot of quality at 800 x 600 because it is a shitty quality, a monitor native to that will still look bad
  2. Nice language. This isn't youtube.

    Anyone out there with a helpful answer? I know that at 800x600 a large monitor will be a little more blocky but if it's the monitors native res then it won't be distorted. If you run a monitor with very high native res at a low res then items not only end up a bit blocky but also distorted and even more unusual looking. I'm looking for a compromise. Not really interested in negative answers. If you know of a solution, let me know. I'm guessing there isn't one but I figured it's worth a shot.

    Also, I'd still appreciate it if a monitor would move this to the proper forum. Otherwise I'll have to repost it there.
  3. No monitor 22" will have a native resolution under 1280, or even 1600.

    You can find one that scales well at lower resolutions (read some reviews for that), get a good video card (non onboard) that can help with that, or get a CRT.
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    it might be easier to get an lcd tv with 1366*768 resolution ('hd ready' rather than full hd) and hook it up with hdmi

    edit: if you want to stick to pc-monitors you'll want a monitor that has as big pixell pitch as possible
    so a 27'' full hd monitor (0.311mm) would be the 'best' choice, (at least according to newegg)..
  5. +1 ^ good idea to use a TV instead of a real monitor.
  6. Thanks hang-the-9 and kari. I appreciate the info. I'll check out those options.
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