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Hd 4670 worked for quite a whuile, then started failing to connect/display duplicate screen on TV thru HDMI. I changed to a 5750 and had simular problem. Startup failed to display on TV.. I would find CCC setting changed from duplicat to extended. Chage back to duplicat and it would work, then next time I started up I would find setting switched back to extended. AMD no help so far. I am considering nVidia card maybe GTS 250, but not sure about dual dispay on these cards. Any help? Charles
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  1. Sounds more like your settings are not being saved in Catalyst Control Center. This usually means some part of the installation was corrupted. I'd probably try a complete removal of the graphic card drivers AND all ATI software (use Driver Cleaner or some such program). Then do a complete re-install.

    -Wolf sends
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