GTS 450, GTX 460, or Radeon 5770?

Newegg is having a 10 year anniversary sale and I wanted to know what the community thinks is the better deal:

ASUS ENGTX460 768mb (192-bit gddr5) for $119.99 after MIR, LINK to product

Gigabyte GTS 450 1gb (128-bit gddr5) for $89.99 after MIR, LINK to product

ASUS Radeon 5770 1gb (128-bit gddr5) for $99.99 after MIR, LINK to product

Which is the best price/performance?
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  1. bet priceperf on there gtx 460 768 meg is a pretty hard deal to beat, the 5770 and 450 are abotu the same deal wise

    if i could get one of em it'd be the gtx 460
  2. + 1 For the GTX460.
  3. great thanks guys
  4. GTX460
  5. ok
  6. GTX 460 hands down. :)
  7. Actually they're all equal price/performance. But I'm seeing the 460 for $140 after rebate not $120, which would make the 5770 the better deal for $100.
  8. there's a coupon code for 20 bucks off the 460 so add that and the rebate
  9. ^ oh, got it.
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