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I just bought a gts 450 for my dell xps 410 and trying to decide if I want to keep it. Spent 200 bucks on it and was wondering if I could get a better card for around that price. My PSU is only 375 watts but a lot of people have told me its underrated. Best buy has a gtx 460 and a 5770. What should I get?
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  1. First of all forget bestbuy and go to newegg and tigerdirect. You can get a hd6870 there for 220 and a gtx 470 for about 210, both of which are far faster than the 450. Between ati and nvidia it really depends on whether you want physx and cuda vs eyefinity, since in terms of performance they are always pretty close. The 6870 is faster than a 470 by a small margin however. Just get rid of the 450. Also buy a 550w psu (or higher) when you can. The 6870 consumes less power than the 470
  2. 375 watt psu >_< i know dell underrates psu's... but not my much you're kinda topping out even at a gts 450... that said a gts 450 should cost a little over 100 bucks 200 bucks is an absolute rip off

    this one is 120 and 90 after rebate...

    for 200 i'd go 6850 or gtx460 depending on which games you play ... but yea yank that psu if you're going with one of these, get a good 500-650 watt psu

    i suggest never using best buy or any box store as their prices are usually makred up 40-100% above msrp
  3. Im searching through newegg and I need help choosing a psu for my dell xps 410. Im looking to buy a psu and a card for around 200.
  4. Yeah, is kind of weird. They seem to stick with the original MSRP, regardless of the big sales and general discounts found on other sites. The flipside of that is that the GTX580 has a MSRP of $499, so it's actually cheaper on than it is on
  5. Im posting a link for a psu and graphics card. Will it work in my dell and how good is a 5770?
  6. wilcut88 said:
    Im posting a link for a psu and graphics card. Will it work in my dell and how good is a 5770?

    What cpu does your dell have and at what resolution do you use your monitor?
  7. core 2 duo 2.4 ghz. 1280x1024
  8. A 5770 would be plenty at that resolution. Your gts 450 would be fine as well, but return it. You payed way to much. Unless you want a gpu for a future build, I would not recommend you buy something that will be held back by your cpu.
  9. I agree. Ill do some more research though. A 5770 can handle new games coming out right? What do you think would be the best psu to get? Maybe a corsair?
  10. I recommend at most the HD 5750 which uses about 65w under typically gaming conditions.

    The HD 5770 uses 20w watts more than the HD 5750, but I think it will stress the PSU enough that it will begin to shorten it's lifespan. Dell does under rate their PSU, but I would guess by a conservative 25w.
  11. The links dont work
  12. Scratch that last post.
  13. Best answer selected by wilcut88.
  14. So are you saying that you are trading in a GTS450 for a 5770? That's not much of an upgrade, and you lose PhysX and improved DirectX 11 tesselation performance.
  15. He is saying he paid 200 bucks for a gts 450, heck yeah return it!

    Good recommendation. ;)
  16. Got it, and he's saving ~$85 in the process as well. I didn't even think it was possible to buy a GTS450 for $200. I guess PT Barnum was right.
  17. lol. Ill do better research next time. So I guess I wont go for a 5770. What about a 6850? Thanks for all the replies!
  18. Reminds me of when I bought my 4670 for $69.99 shipped off the egg early 09 and best buy wanted $139.99 for the same card. LMAO
  19. Quote:
    HD6850 beats the GTX460, no question about that and the GTX460 beats the HD5770..

    Unless you subtract 6% for the image qulity optimization that boosted 6850 benchmark performance at the expense of image quality.,2806-5.html
  20. Quote:
    don't get me wong matto, I'll still roll with nVidia and the GTX560 is coming out when, next week.?

    Good times, I'm sure.
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