Benchmarks for gts 250 for the following?

After seeing a friend of mine play call of duty world at war on the xbox i was amazed by it.

I decided to look it up for the pc and i cant seem to find any benchmarks on i for the gts 250.
I tried looking for demo's and a downloadable benchmark as well.

Anyone know were i could see one?
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  1. Thanks, i dont think they match up right though.
    Toms benchmark is pretty good, i plan on playing at 1280x768 resolution. The others show 25 fps on 1280x1024. Is that a drastic change in resolution or not really?
  2. This web page has links to about 60 reviews of various GTS 250 video cards:
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    Tom's bench at the 1280x1024 did not have AF or AA enabled, so you should be able to gain some FPS using the same settings but at a smaller resolution. Your smaller resolution as compared to the bench will help in gaining FPS over what the bench reports, provided that you use the same settings. Enabling AF and/or AA will impact your FPS, but 95FPS is overkill.

    Guru did state that a 9600 was able to play the game at 1980x1200 @ 31 FPS, and the the 9800GTX+ was pulling 43FPS. So you should be looking at more than 43FPS while playing at your resolution.

    Bottom line - the GTS 250 will play this game at your resolution with AF and/or AA enabled (though I don't know what the max levels are for each setting, something you're going to have to play around with.)
  4. Alright thanks
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