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Hi guys I had previously decided to sell my 5870 and go with a new 580 gtx. However, I'm not having the greatest luck with my craigslist posting and would rather not use ebay. I'm willing to just go with a 5870 for a while but as I'm seeing prices plummet on first gen dx11 cards, would I see a significant gain from adding a 5970 to the mix? I figure the price will continue to drop once the new dual gpu cards arrive and maybe I'll be able to grab one for sub 400$ within a few months. The only issue I have is how the 8x8 limitation on my mobo will relate to real world gaming performance. Will the 5970 act as one gpu? I'm currently working&going to school full time and would rather not just "throw away" my 5870. Thanks i5 750@3.8, 5870 1 gb, p55pro 1080p
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  1. Pretty much what I want to know is will the 5970 and 5870 run 8x8 or 8x4x4? Because if it's trifire I wouldnt gain performance on my mobo. Thanks
  2. I'd go with dual 5870's rather than adding a 5970. A lot of the time, trifire doesn't help much if at all. It'll save you some money too. x4 performance in crossfire with a 5870 on the p55 boards can cause about 30% loss in performance.
  3. ^agree
    Going with another 5870 is a wiser choice.Unless you intend to buy another 5970 in the future.
  4. I found a benchmark of the 5970 on a x8 slot: http://www.hardwarecanucks.com/forum/hardware-canucks-reviews/25628-sapphire-radeon-hd-5970-2gb-oc-edition-review-22.html

    In some cases it loses a lot of performance, in other cases it does not. It's tested side by side with a x16 slot.
  5. Yeah my favoured solution would be to sell the 5870 and get a 580 gtx. But so far it looks like I might just crossfire with another 5870 with this build. Would the 5970 act as two cards then?
  6. The 5970 is two GPU's. Each GPU on the card has it's own memory. The only difference between two 5870's and a single 5970 is the 5970 shares the PCIe slot and has lower stock clock settings, partly due to heat issues.
  7. Thanks for the quick answer. Thats what worried me that it would drop tp x4 and give me negligible returns
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