Modular or non-modular psu?

I am buying a new system, and have received great advice form this community about my power requirements, and system compatibility. The questions I now have concern the difference between modular and non-modular Psu's, what is the difference and which is better? Will a non-modular psu fit in a mid-tower case or should I go for the more expensive high wattage modular psu's? Please just answer my few questions fully so that I can know the difference too. I thank you all in advance-Bobby the second.(My dad says that no-modular psu's don't fit in mid-tower chassis, i doubt this, but is it true?)
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  1. To start with a Modular PSU is those wires that connects to the PSU can be detach and you'll have option for cable wire management and a Non-Modular PSU all connecting wires are bundle like an octopus, as what they and can get messy inside a case. Practically they are both the same in performance but different in prices. And yes it would fit on your mid tower case.
  2. Good cable management is more than possible with non-modular units,
    it just takes more thought
    There are different size standards for psu's but the one you'll most likely have is Atx, check out for more info,
    and yes, as long as the standard size I.E. Atx/ M-atx is supported by your case, it doesn't matter if its modular or not
    Trust me on Cable management of nonmod units :P
    No octopus here hehe

  3. Overall modular is proffered due to the neatness of the assembly, however I'd recommend semi-modular because I've heard about loose cables on the 24-pin. Though, I'd get a modular.
  4. I'm actually choosing a nonmod over a modular on my latest project as its going to be neater than the modular version to manage, but I guess its each on its own merits :)
  5. You have a point, as long a you have a good cable management Case, non-modular is better because all the cables come from a small orifice. But if you don't have a cable management case, then it is NOT going to be neater. Good thing about modular too, is that there are a wide variety different lengths of cables as well as colors, so you have a lot to choose, and how many to use for your build.
  6. I concede the point about the flexibility of modular cables, that imo is the main reason for getting one,
    but I strongly believe that cables can always be made to disappear, whatever the case they're in :)
    Hence my tagline :P
  7. a non modular psu will fit. The difference of that a modular psu will have less wires hanging around, but if you can wire them behind the motherboard back plate (in other part of case, they will not be visible) A non modular has more wires. but you have no risk of wires getting loose, and falling out of certain sockets. A non modular psu is fine, unless you have little space, but in a midi case you should have enough space.
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