I5 2400 CPU: H67 vs Z68 Motherboard, which is for me?

Hi there, Newegg is having some decent sales on motherboards, and I'm looking to upgrade!

I will very likely be purchasing an i5 core 2400 to go with it (unless I'm convinced otherwise!). I know, I know, this is not top of the line and cannot be overclocked.

Because of this, is it really worth it for me to get a z68 board over an h67 board? These are the 2 I was looking at.

H67, only $55 after MIR!

Z68, $109 after MIR
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  1. That CPU can't be overclocked. In this case the best option will be H67.
    But if in the future you want to upgrade the CPU to another more powerfull with oc options then Z68 is the way to go.
    Depends on what you want to do , not just now but in the future too.
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