Network based storage and print share device needed

For quite some time, I swore by the Belkin Homebase (F5L049) as my device of choice for sharing my USB drives and printers. I worked seemlessly with my printers regardless of model (most such devices have a limited compatibility list).

Now that I'm on a Windows 7 64 bit platform, I've come to realize just how poorly Belkin supports their products. Nearly 8 months after Win 7 hit the shelves and Belkin still doesn't have Win 7 support for the HomeBase product. Even running their control panel in "compatibility mode" doesn't work. And on Win 7, Belkin's SXUPTP.sys driver (used with the NAS functionality of the HomeBase) causes BSODs.

I currently have two(2) HomeBase devices, one for hard drives and one for printers.

I love the Homebase and the functionality it delivers but due to Belkin's lack of support for a mainstream operating system, I can't commit myself to their product line anymore. Thiis is merely the last straw in my experience with Belkin not providing the necessary support for HomeBase product.

Does anyone know of a competing product of similar functionality that supports Win 7? It must allow for multiple USB based hard drives to be connected (the Homebase allows for a USB Hub to be connected to it to expand capacity) and seamless support for USB printers without limitations due to a "compatibility list".

Cost is an issue as the Homebase was under $100.

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  1. It appears that neither party has had any form of open and frank discussions with Belkin Level 2 support. They even report a lack of Win 7 64 bit support.

    If its as seemless as MS says, then why did I just Blue Screen when I tried to attach to my "print" server...
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