What would be the lifespan of stock 1055t or oc

hey i live in india and average room temps are 36c and i do not have any air flow in my 430 elite just 1 stock fan and stock cooler on my 1055t thuban so what are your advices .......and i am afraid but still oc my lil beast
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  1. Hard to predict a cpu lifetime, some might last years or even a decade, some less than that....; one thing to check, at least every year or two, clean off old thermal compound and reapply, it does not last forever.

    I'd at least look for $28 heatpipe/sink/fan combo if you are determined to OC it...
  2. hey bro i have hyper212+ with 880gm mobo..........and i want to ask sumthing will i void my warrantee if i dont chnge voltage and just raise fsb...........
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