Premiere CS5.5 rendering speed vs cpu

Adobe told me to pick a monitor card from a list of Supported NVIDIA graphics cards for GPU acceleration to get fast rendering and they insisted that monitor card capability strongly affected rendering speed in Adobe Premiere CS5.5 in a 64 bit os. My question is: What monitor cards were used to obtain the benchmark results for the Core 2 Duo AND the i7-2600K?

I also want to know approximately how much slower the i7-2600K Adobe Premiere CS5.5 rendering would be with a GeoForce 210 512 MB monitor card, which only costs $60 instead of $250 and takes MUCH LESS POWER TO OPERATE? THANKS!!!
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  1. If CUDA is a deciding factor then that geforce with just 16 CUDA cores is not going to help much. Better to get something like the GTS 450 (192 CUDA cores) or GTX 460 768 MB (336 CUDA cores). Meanwhile, read these - (copy and paste in your browsers address bar),2770-12.html
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