Best GPU with i5-2500K?

I am searching for a good graphics card to pair with my 2500k as to prevent a bottleneck. I do not do any hardcore gaming, Need for Speed at the most, but I do do some Photoshop, and some rendering. My budget is around $300. Suggestions are appreciated!

NVIDIA graphics is preferred, as I will be installing OS X on this machine :p
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  1. That processor is plenty of CPU muscle for any GPU on the market, especially if you overlock (which is absurdly simple with Sandy Bridge).

    The limiting factor here is how much GPU do you need. If you don't really do any gaming, a GTX 260 or HD 6850 is probably sufficient. Either can be had for $180 or less.
  2. What rendering program do you use? Don't they mostly use the CPU anyway?
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