Which cpu temp should i trust?

I am running a new phenom ii BE in a new build (built it like 2 weeks ago just got processer last night, was going to wait for bulldozer but couldnt). i have it overclocked to 3.8, stable for 10 hours under prime 95 so far. i had HW monitor open, which tells me my core temps are 50, max was 52. i didnt run amd overdrive with it, but the core temps it gives me with that are always the same temps as the 1s it gives me in tmpin2 in cpuid, it said that it maxed out at 80. running cooler master hyper 212+ with that heat sink grease, theres no way this last temp can be right. and is it normal that my cores never vary from each other more than like 1 degree farenheit? the celcius temps never vary, cus its less that a degree C.
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  1. Okay I put that tmpin2 maxed out at 80 but it was really 88, dont know how I messed that up. Any way I'm still running prime 95 (the same cycle, ending it at 12 hours) and my core temps are all 51C still but my tmpin2 (overdrive temp) is staying at 63. Does the program like glitch our something when the computer is asleep? Either way63 is still high. Does anyone know if overdrive temp readings are the correct reading?
  2. What does the latest CoreTemp say the temps are?
  3. Is core temp a separate program or are you talking about the temp of the cores in hwmonitor?
  4. It's a separate program that tells you approximately what temperature your cores are. Generally regarded as being accurate.
  5. Oh. Ive always heard of hwmonitor being the most accurate, but I'll give it a try and compare.
  6. I've had some issues with HW monitor,particularly when monitoring voltage. HWM told me my 12v rail was at 10 volts,lol. After that I lost all faith in the program, as my Enermax Infinity is rock stable. In addition there has been quite a few threads like this one with people confused about what HW monitor is reporting. Speedfan is another decent program worth checking out.
  7. From what I've seen amd overdrive is the faulty program, not hw monitor.hw monitor has been goods so far.
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