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Need help understanding Motherboard and CPU graphics!

Hey, I'm planning to build my first PC soon and have gotten an understanding on the basic stuff. However I am confused regarding a matter about graphics. My budget is limited thus I can't really get a discrete graphics card so I'm relying on integrated gfx for now until I get more cash down the road.

Anyways, I'm having trouble understanding a certain matter. If a motherboard (like this for example) doesn't have an onboard video chipset, but this CPU does have integrated graphics, will I be able to run the computer and run games/movies at a decent level??

I've tried searching for an answer but nothing clear as of yet. So basically, will the computer run normally with that motherboard + CPU without any other graphics add ons?? I chose that mobo so I can upgrade later when I get more cash to the upcoming Ivy bridges and possibly add a discrete gfx card like a 6950 down the road, so I would rather not spend money on a cheap discrete graphic card if I can run the computer like how I am right now. Surely the Intel HD 2000 graphics must be better than my 6+ year old intergated motherboard graphics I have now.
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  1. Well the HD 2000 graphics will run your HD movies and flash games. But that is about it. It can play games like Skyrim and such on low settings. Take a look at this:,3107-7.html
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    Yes with that Motherboard and a Sandy Bridge CPU you will be able the integrated graphics without having to buy another discrete card. From the Sandy Bridge range: You Can run the "Z68" and the "H67" motherboard chipsets without discrete GPUs (as in they have connectors to utilize the integrated GPU)
    However "P67" chipsets DO NOT support integrated graphics and you will need a discrete GPU to use them.

    What CPU range are you buying in? If you are looking at something in the Intel Core i3 range you should also look at AMD's Fusion A series. The AMD A8-3870 offers similar CPU performance to the Intel Core i3s, and has MUCH, MUCH better graphics performance., The non-unlocked version (the 3850) can be found for $10 less!! This you'll find is actually cheaper than an i3 processor.

    And yes, The Intel graphics 2000, 3000 and the AMD A8's graphics are all better than the graphics integrated on a 6 year old motherboard's chipset. You will not be going backward!
  3. Wow, thanks for the reply guys! Awesome that they're compatible! ^-^

    I don't plan to run big games like Skyrim or BF3 *I have a PS3 for that* haha, right now I'm mostly concerned on if things actually work together since I'm building my first PC. The most I can get with the PC I have now is Diablo II with the occasional lag xD which is pretty embarrassing given that the game is some 10 years old.

    As for your question Ukee, the reason I went with Intel i3 is because that Asrock mobo will be able to support the upcoming Ivy Bridges (or at least I heard it can support them) which I plan to get down the line. If I were to get an AMD processor, I'd have to buy a whole new mobo as well down the line if I wanted an Ivy Bridge :/ So I'm planning more for the long run rather than the short run.

    I posted my entire build and the budget I'm going by here if your interested in helping me further:
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