Can i use old PSU on new computer?

So i just bought a bunch of computer parts. Nice ones, around 2,000$ total. Main things 16gb ram, gtx 580, i7 2600k procesor.
Anyways question is this.
Bought a PSU about 4-5 years ago, which has server me VERY well and never did me wrong.

Its a thermaltake 750W toughpower with over 80-85 efficiency or whatever.
Anyways everything is connected and all the connectors are good and i have enough for everything.

My question is this.

And this is before i turn on my new rig to test it out. Id like someone to answer this first.

Can I in anyway ruin, blow up, i dunno explode desroy, lol you get the point, any of the new parts by using the old psu?
I mean what will happen if it wont be good enough for the computer? The computer will simply nnot run right? no harm done, just need to go to the store and fork out 200 bucks for a new one right?

Or am i risking something by using an old psu?
Help appreciated.
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  1. If you bought it 4-5 yrs ago, I'd get a new one. TT PSUs that far back weren't very good. I also highly doubt its 80-85% efficient. Take a look in the back where the cord plugs in. I'll bet you'll see the little red voltage select switch that was common for that era. The highest I've seen a unit like that hit is around 78%.

    You don't need to spend $200 on a new one unless you want to buy one that will handle your GTX580 in SLI. The Antec TP Neo (?) that is 650W will handle your computer just fine, and is less then $80 on newegg right now.
  2. I have this one
    And i bought it in 2006, so i gues its 4.5 years old.

    Just found all the info and reciept.
    Would that be any good for a
    gtx 580
    16gb ram

    any risk?

    the fastest i can get a new one is 2 weeks, would something happen in that time?
  3. No, you'll be fine with that unit. The only issue is its at the end of its 5 yr warranty. They don't last forever, and your at the point in which TT thinks many of the units might start to fail. I vote use it, but you probably won't get another 5 years out of it.
  4. In your "Old" system" did you run any programs such as HWMonitor and monitor the voltages UNDER Load (ie run prime 95 or furmark. If the voltages all looked good then I would go ahead and use it while you shop for a new on - concur with 4745454b on this. Also agree, a good 650W should work unless you plan on SLI/Xfire down stream.
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