Going from unlocked dual core Sempron 140 to Phenom x4 910e

Hello everyone- I'm a long time lurker, first time poster.

I currently have a headless ubuntu server running a dual core unlocked Sempron 140 with 8 gigs of ram which I use for serving media and to remotely encode video using a scripted handbrake hot folder. The unlocked Sempron takes about 50 minutes to encode a single movie and I'd like to speed it up a little. Right now my server runs at about 65w idle and I leave it on all day. If I were to purchase the quad core Phenom 910e would the added 25w add much to my monthly power bill?

My wife watches the bills like a hawk, so I gotta ask about stuff like this.

Sorry if it's a stupid question. :kaola:
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  1. Don't worry. Your electricity bills will not rise up drastically. But your performance will surely go up heavens. Go for it.

  2. Tell her it will actually perform the task faster/more efficiently for a minimal increase on the tdp so you'll actually need to use the system less= saving on leccy :P
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