DVI Single Link Cable with a DVI Dual Link output


I have an old 17 inch Samsung 740BF monitor. So far i've only used the D-SUB cable, but now i decided that i should try the DVI connection.

The "problem" is that, the cablei have is Single Link type and the DVI output on my HD 4850 is a Dual Link type. So, will the DVI connection work this way with Single link DVI cable connected to Dual Link DVI output?

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  1. Anyone?? :(
  2. It should be fine. The only problems I've heard of are folks trying to use a single link DVI cable with a monitor that requires dual link (like 30" flagship monitors).

    I guess the first question is have you tried it? Plug it in an function check it!
  3. I was under the impression that you only need dual link over 1920x1080, otherwise single link works.
  4. Ty guys, it's working. :D
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