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Hi All!

I have a very weird issue on my PC for quiet a long time now. I have an ASUS P5E motherboard with a built in LAN device (Gigabit Ethernet by Marvell 88E8056 controller). I don't want to bore you so I get to the point.
Basically, when I am on Skype in a conversation, it disconnects for no reason, and sometimes it happens when I use FlashFXP. I use a US Robotics router with wifi. I pretty recently updated its firmware, so it should be OK now. I either have problem with my LAN card or the Skype, or the Internet connection (Fiber power 60mb/sec, so it should be ok as well) or the router.
The disconnection issue is not periodic, it comes when it comes. Also, a very odd thing is that the network signal does not show the yellow triangle with the ! on the corner. And when it drops the line the web browser works just fine. You can see, Google, New York times and any other web page. I am chasing this devil for a long time now, but no luck.

I think the problem is either in the LAN card or the router, but this is only an "educated" guess.

If anybody has an idea or maybe a solution, please let me know.


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  1. When Skype disconnects at the same time does your internet and LAN connection drop all together too or is it just Skype that drops the connection? If it is just Skype then open this port in your routers firewall: 443
  2. Dera Devonh!

    I knew we wer close to the solution, but I completely forget about the firewall. I will try this out today, but I am pretty sure this is the issue. As you said: it only drops the connection of the Skype, but everything else just working fine.
    I'll keep you updated of the result.

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