BSOD BCC124 only in MP mode BFBC2. Sigh...

I am very VERY sick and tiered of this for one reason. Its the only game I play when I feel like gaming, and I get a BSOD Just as I get into the adrenaline zone. I would be with double KDR than the closest player and Boom.

Roughly every 20 minutes of gaming I get a BSOD, I will be owning all the time and that makes me want to go back right into the game after the BSOD, only to receive another one.

I have had issues with my old ram and I RMA'd them, so I got 12GB kit 4gb sticks and i paid the diffrence to save me waiting 2-3 weeks.

I let the game run 1.5 hrs of Singleplayer, no crash, only in MP.

-New Bios

-3DS Max [using up to 8.1GB of ram] and rendering [100% CPU usage] : No crash

-Memtest [on 3 sticks, havent tried each individually] :No fails

-P95 [only around 7 hours until I stopped it] :No crash

I have tried every single game I have, but this is the only one that gets me this Crash.

I apreciate all the input, feel free to ask for any information that you would like me to submit.

Thanks in advance! =\


System: Annihilator

CPU: i7 950 stock + V8 Cooler wich is doing crap at cooling [Idle 40c load around 72-78c] I think they failed at mounting it properly.

MB: Gigabyte GAx58a-UD3R Rev 2.0 + latest Bios

VC: Gigabyte GTX 480

RAM: 4GBx3 G.Skill F3-12800CL9T-12GBRL

[ ]

PSU: Seasonic 750w (S12D-750) HDD: SATA-300 1.5TB + 2 other SATAs [then recently added 1, 1TB HDD but i am still powering only 3 HDD's]

Aditional installed hardware: 3D Vision, G25
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  1. Hello BBoyJmE;

    Have you checked for any game patches that haven't been installed yet?
    Who runs the server you play on? Anything out of ordinary in that server environment?
  2. While it might not be the definative problem, at least A problem is the CPU temp. Idle is high, and over 70C at load is just wrong (at least if it were my computer it would be).

    If I were in your spot, before I worry anymore about RAM, I'd worry about my CPU cooling.
  3. This is partially solved. I had remebered that I changed the game config file to run from DXversion Auto, to DX11 [so forcing the game to run in DX11] now in Auto it runs in DX11 as well so thats why I was wondering as to why it was BSOD'ing. Regardless, Changing it to AUTO still caused BSOD, I changed it to DX10 and it wa running fine for a few days so I was happy, but now I lostm y DX11 stuff like Ambient Oclusion, doesnt bother me but what does is that even in DX10, it Blue screened once wit the same code, oh well i am so over htis, I'll just focus on my studies instead of fixing a game...
  4. It's a problem with PunkBuster. It's because of the last PB patch. I've had the same problem, it has to do with it onboard sound, GPU over clocking software and GPU monitoring software not being liked by PB.
  5. That is wierd. Perhaps I reinstall PB and sound drivers again? Its worth the shot. I have been getting the BSOD again frequently, I thought I fixed it with changing back the DX mode to Auto, however that did not help at all. It would make sense that its PB since I only get BSOD ONLY in Multiplayer and ONLY in BFBC2. Mabe the BFBC2 PB file is somehow effecting the whole thing, COD Black Ops runs PB as well, but mabe its PB data isnt corrupt.

    Thanks for pointing that out i will give it a shot now.
  6. Update - I have reinstalled PB and sound drivers and Motherboard Drivers.. To No Avail.... What on earth can cause such an annoying BSOD... I am willing to install windows on another partition and see if he game runs smoothly on that, if so I take it the HAL.DLL is corupted?
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    I had the same problem same error code on my gigabyte motherboard, Punkbuster was recognizing Easy tune 6 as a battlefield hack. I uninstalled it and no BSOD ever since. I was getting my blue screen within 5-10 minutes of play as well. This has been confirmed on other forums as well.

    With the process just being killed by PB abruptly it was probably causing the monitored hardware to freeze and hence blue screen
  8. Its wierd though because before my ram died i had easytune 6 and no BSOD or PB errors. In anycase I solved this issue, i Recovered windows on an old partition and i played BFBC2 [wich me nad my friends stated calling BFBSOD2] and no BSOD! i take it that the old ram corupted my windows install and a format would would fix this issue so thanks all for hte help :) I will format when I get the time. cheers.
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  10. Thanks for that Echohawk! I cant believe that worked! cheers!
  11. Np man, glad i could help. I troubleshot my system for 4 hours before i got it down to punkbuster and Easy Tune. Hopefully this helps others too :D
  12. try playing battlefield 2, its a way better game. :)
  13. well it took me weeks :P jsut too busy using my machine doing 3D stuff to strip it down and get all greasy :P hahaha, thanks heaps! and ive read ALOT of BCC124 BSODS on BFBC2 that are unanswered, so hopefully so! lol Genhiskron, i started BF games with BFBC2 although i have played BF2 before it is in a sense much better, just that its old now graphics and physics wise. DW BF3 is comming soon and it will be the new BF2 ;)
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