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Gtx 295 gpu sandwich question

I see that some cards from what i under stand have two cards in them sandwiched together then some like the evga coop have 2 gpu on one board whats does this card have

just a little confused why they did the gtx 295s both ways and which am i better off with a "coop" or sandwich
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  1. Two GPU´s on one pcb. I do not think that the type matters.
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    There is two versions. The sandwich version is the older but better quality version and is favored for some. The other but newer one is the same thing however much different design using a single pcb.

    2 gpus and one pci-e switch (BR04) each gpu is in the 240 shader 448 bit configuration. They are both clocked lower than a GTX 285 but offer SLI on a stick (single brick or card).
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