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PSU for New Gaming Machine

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March 17, 2011 2:40:44 PM

I have been planning to build a new machine for some time now and I have picked almost all the parts except a power supply
Here are the parts I have so far:

1. Case:

2. Motherboard:
ASUS P6X58D-E LGA 1366 Intel X58

3. Processor:
Intel i7 950

4. Graphics Card:
GeForce GTX 470 EVGA

7. RAM:
G.SKILL PI 6GB (3 x 2GB) 240-Pin DDR3

8. Optical Drive:
Simple ASUS cd/dvd burner

9. Hard Drive:
Western Digital Caviar Black WD5002AALX 500GB 7200 RPM

10. OS:
Win 7 Pro

So i am not sure what a good power supply brand / watts would be good for this machine.
I am planning on using it mostly for Gaming (WOW / Rift etc) and Light CAD / Photoshop needs

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March 17, 2011 3:14:37 PM

For just one GTX 470 a good 550W PSU would do, if you wanted the option to add a second then it would have to be a 750W.
The choice for good, high efficiency 550W PSUs is not that great on newegg TBH, so you should probably go for this for only one card:
XFX 650W XXX Edition 80Plus Bronze Modular $90 ($30 rebate)

This would be a good 750W unit:
Antec Truepower New TPN-750 80Plus Bronze Modular ($90)
March 17, 2011 3:56:22 PM

I like the Antec Truepower
My only concern is the bad feedback that says it killed the Motherboard. However after looking at all different PSU's most all have some bad feedback like that.

I did come across this thread and wanted to see what people thought of it.

Looking at that list and the recommended Wattage Silvune posted I saw this PSU:

Not knowing any better it looks pretty close the the Antec. It has 2x as many review however and 2 more years of warranty.
Down side is that its more expensive.

I am probably just over thinking it
The Antec Truepower is probably just as good though.

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March 17, 2011 4:21:18 PM

That thread looks really old to me - 2007, so I wouldn't pay much attention to it as loads of power supplies have been released since then.

As for newegg reviews saying that it has killed a motherboard, everyone has bad luck and that is probably all it was.

That Corsair is a bit better than the Antec Truepower, it is more efficient and has a longer ATX12V/EPS12V cable (60cm) compared to 54cm on the Antec. It is up to you if these things are worth the extra money. For most people they will both last as long and be as reliable and quiet as each other, both units are built by Seasonic after all.

But if you want to spend more I will point another option, which is even more efficient:
NZXT Hale90 750W 80Plus Gold Modular $140 ($6 shipping)
Doesn't have any problems with cable lengths either.

March 17, 2011 5:16:51 PM

Yeah i didnt even notice that thread was posted back in 2007 =P
March 18, 2011 1:38:39 AM

I have the corsair hx750w and it has been awesome. Great psu imo...