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Hi i want to take doubts off about a machine and i need a little help,first of all its an inspiron 1564 with i5 core and 4GB ddr3 ram with integrated Intel HD graphics. My question is will it run games like GTA IV and EFLC and others like WoW COD etc....?
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  1. Possibly on low details.
  2. What if i add an Xg Station with a 8800GT/8600 to it will it run those games smoothly at high setting ?
    if not plz tell me about a good external GPU.
  3. Does somebody knows about a decent card ?
  4. The best upgrade is to upgrade the whole laptop if it does not have what it takes. Laptops are built for portability and business/office work with few exceptions. You happen to have not one of the few so GPU can not be upgraded (would be expensive in the first place) external GPU solutions are more expensive than just changing a laptop. Here is a list than can help you if you decide to upgrade the laptop
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