T9400 cpu upgrade not booting help ??

I have just upgraded my hp g60 notebook with a t9400 cpu and was told my BIOS supports it , as i turn on my laptop the fan kicks in but i get a black sreen . any ideas ??? please help !!!
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  1. hi again all . i have now put my standard cpu back in and all runs well . Do i need to change the bios setup before i install my new cpu . ie disable processor c6 states ? ? thanks .
  2. Have you checked that whether an BIOS upgrade is available for your notebook (in order for it to support this CPU)?

    I am assuming that with BIOS support you meant motherboard support.
  3. Have you upgraded your BIOS to the latest version?

    You should not have to change any BIOS settings before installation.

    If your BIOS supports it, and you've properly installed the CPU then your CPU may be defective. It's difficult to provide further help.
  4. I have spoke to a hp technician and before buyin my cpu and was told :
    ( Your system board is compatible with:

    the following Intel Core2 Duo processors (2-MB L2 cache, 800-MHz FSB):

    T5900 2.2-GHz processor

    T5800 2.0-GHz processor

    Intel Core2 Duo processors (3-MB L2 cache, 1066-MHz FSB):

    P8600 2.4-GHz processor

    P8400 2.26-GHz processor

    P7350 2.0-GHz processor

    Intel Core2 Duo processors 6-MB L2 cache, 1066-MHz front bus (FSB)):

    T9400 2.53-GHz processor

    T9600 2.8-GHz processor

    Your notebook has BIOS support for more processors than most do. You chose wisely )

    i have GL40 CHIPSET witch i have been told will only run up to 800mhz not 1066mhz . or am i missing something .???
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