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I am from India and am planning to build a budget gaming rig. My budget is Rs35,000.
I dont need a case, hard drive and optical drive.

So i need a PSU, RAM, MOBO, GPU and CPU.

I dont have that much knowlege about the CPU, GPU benchmarks, their performance and stuff.
From what i saw here in toms im thinkin,

CPU : Core i5 - 2400

MoBo : Intel DH61WW

GPU : HD 6870 (XFX , HIS or sapphire doesn really matter. i ll go with the cheaper one) // or // GeForce GTX560

I'm really very keen on getting the best bang for the buck

PSU : Cooler Master Extreme PLUS 500 watt..

RAM : I want suggestions. And wanna know if i can do good with 4 gigs or i need more.

I wanna be able to play all the new games in 1440x900 (Thats the monitor i have) at the highest settings possible.
And i also want a bit of longetivity with the build im gonna go with. I should be able to game for atleast 3 years comfortable without feeling the need to upgrade (Doesn't really have to be the max graphics with x16 AA and all. I can manage with high to highest graphics and no AA when my PC reaches the 2 years mark)

I want you to improve on my build considering my Rs35,000 budget. Which is actually very less for an enthusiast build.

i can get the cpu+mobo for around 15000
GPU = 14000.
PSU = 3200

So that sums up to 32200

Tell me which 1333Mhz ram to buy..

Thank youu
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  1. I think the GTX560 is a nice performer, but, seems overpriced compared to it's relative gains over the GTX460(1gb)....
  2. Thanks for your replies.I dont have anything as a favourite site :-) .Never built a PC on my own before.. I dont mind buying from any site as long as it is reliable. So you suggesting that i get a GTX460? And will that last long... like 3 years? if it will then i dont mind settling for a GTX460 or a HD 6850

    I dont need all parts. As i said ... i need a CPU, GPU, MoBo, PSU and RAM
  3. I'd get a better PSU, especially if you upgrade in the future, preferably a Seasonic, Corsair or Antec unit.
    As for the RAM my choice would be something from Corsair or Kingston.
  4. 500W would be sufficient? And i need help in deciding my CPU, GPU and MoBo. Will 4 gigs or RAM be enough for smooth gaming (1333mhz or 1600mhz) ?
  5. Budget is the main problem here... since Indian PC hardware prices are at least 1.5 times more than in US. You can get RAM relatively cheap, 8GB 1333MHz DDR3 costs about Rs. 4500. 4GB must be enough, but if you'll have some cash left, why not go all the way to 8? You can either go for normal Corsair 1333 MHz, or Corsair Dominator/Vengeance, but these are more expensive. I suggest using standard Corsair 1333 MHz - cheap and reliable.

    As for the rest, you must try to find good deals... I don't see a point in going for GTX 460, since GTX 560 Ti is just a bit more expensive and offers a good improvement in performance. But that'll strain your budget, so not an option...

    You problems could be easily solved if you would somehow get the parts from outside India. Otherwise, you'll either have to settle for less expensive hardware or increase the budget :)

    Your PSU wattage depends on your graphics card choice and whether you need to upgrade in the future. 500W is enough for some mid-range cards, but many will require at least 550W.

    Also, make sure you get the PSU from a respected brand - Antec, Corsair, Cooler Master - but keep in mind that branded PSUs are the biggest rip-off in India, they cost almost double the price in the US. Prepare to part with at least Rs. 4700 for a 500W unit.

    It would be realy nice if you could find Core i5-2500K as your CPU, it's one of the best and is relatively cheap, but then again, we're talking Indian prices... depending on the shop, might cost anywhere between Rs. 10000 and 15000.

    For now, I would recommend that you visit your favorite websites and/or shops and find out the prices of all the above-mentioned hardware. It's a tough job building a good PC in India, but it's possible, if you don't rush it.

    Good luck!
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