Taking a chance on motherboard and memory combo

Here is the story. I wanted a motherboard for a Phenom II 965 CPU I have, I also have 4 2GB sticks of Crucial CT2kit25664BA1339 memory. The only boards that had my memory listed in the lower price bracket were a couple Asus boards. However I was not crazy about those boards. I wanted to spend 89 dollars or less.

Anyway I found this board http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=N82E16813157276

It does not list my crucial memory on the QVL but I am taking a chance because I always have good luck with Crucial being compatible. That and with a Bios flash this board will accept other FX chips. The only reason it has a low rating is that it was marketed for FX chips but it needs a flash first and some folks got caught by that.

Anyone have any history with these ASrock boards and Crucial memory. It's already on it's way so I will find out soon enough.

Worst case I will pick up some new memory if it does not work out.
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  1. Well, I figured it out it seems. I used the memory finder on New Egg and it lists the memory for the board so hopefully it's good to go and I can get some quicker memory at my leisure.
  2. Ok, So I got the motherboard this evening and put everything together and wellah , we are up and running and all is well. I didn't even have to install Windows again, it booted up found all the hardware did a couple of reboots and bang we are moving along well. Ran 3D Mark 11 and some other Bench tools. Played a few games. We are stable. My other board that had all it's devices installed on my Hdd was an Asus M4A78T-E, that board is in Indiana at the Asus RMA center getting fixed back up or replaced so now I will have a spare.

    So even though it's not on the QVL for the board I hearby decree that Crucial CT2kit25664BA1339 memory of 4 sticks and 8 gigs is compatible with an ASRock 870iCafe R2.0 AM3+ AMD 870 SATA 6Gb/s ATX AMD Motherboard.

    Stated this day the 23rd of February year of our lord 2012 :lol:

    Ohh and one more thing. I was worried about my OEM Windows 7 Home 64 bit and changing motherboards, well what happened was that I got a message that my Windows was unable to activate due to the fact that some of the files had changed or possible been corrupted. (my board change) and that I had 3 days to get it sorted out to continue using Windows features. It also provided a link to try and fix the activation problem. Sooooo I clicked on the link and there was a small DL to check my copy of Windows for authenticity. I do the DL and run the program and the message pops up on my screen that Windows is now activated. As I said I did not reinstall Windows just started up with the new board on my old installation of Windows.

    No phone call no nothing Saaahhhhhweet. :bounce:
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