I have an amilo Pi2530 and I have really big problems on my computer.The problem is that when I start my computer I have switch on silent mode and if I don't the computer stops working automaticly(but if computer is on but there is no program running and silent mode isn't on computer do not stops,but if I get running even Internet explorer it stops in few seconds with very strange way that voice becomes very strange and also the every things on my monitor and computer stops).If anybody knows how to resolve this problem please send me the answer on that e-mail lekso_gamkadze@yahoo.com
If you will help me I will be presheated.
With honor
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  1. From the info I deduce that you are not getting any BSODs right?

    Can you please have a look into Event Viewer Logs of your system, just to get some clues whether the OS is recording some info about these hang ups. You can find Event Viewer in Control Panel > Administrative Tools > Event Viewer.

    Please have a close look at Red/Yellow tagged events in System and Application logs. Regards
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